Learn how to manage the stress in your life so you can do the work you love in a way that is balanced and sustainable.

What We Do

3 Essential Connections, also referred to as 3EC is a professional development training for stress mitigation. 3EC is a program of Toivo

3EC Preventing compassion fatigue and burnout is necessary to the sustainability of the work you do. This educational and experiential program was created as Toivo’s professional development program: a holistic approach to managing the personal and professional stressors that often weigh us down. By connecting with ourselves, others, and nature we can navigate our daily stressors with more ease and find ways to build self-resiliency. This training explores various self-care techniques that can be practically implemented into our routines at work and home. 

3EC is more than just a training, it’s a declaration and a commitment to a new way of being. By embarking on this journey you are renouncing the message woven into our societal fabric that tell us that stress, burnout and endless doing are not only a natural part of everyday life, but also badges of honor we must don in the pursuit of success. In choosing this training, you are challenging the belief that self-care is selfish and acknowledging that a solid and healthy connection with yourself is the foundation for everything else that you do.

About the Training

In the US, 3/4 doctors visits are directly related to stress.

With stress rising at alarming rates, it's time to take a more serious look at how we deal with it. In this professional development training, we will learn about the physiological effects of stress on both the body and mind. We will discuss the benefits of re-connecting with yourself, others and nature. You will experience the impact of stress mitigation techniques first-hand and explore ways to integrate such techniques into your life to combat stress and improve overall health and well-being. Below you can see what we believe to be the 3 Essential Connections and how they lead us back to a balanced and whole life.

About the Connections