1 life, 2 paths, 3 essential connections.

What We Do

3 Essential Connections or 3EC is a comprehensive stress mitigation training appropriate for anyone who is looking to improve their quality of life while maintaining personal agency. 3EC is a program of Toivotoivo logo

3ECThis educational and experiential program was designed to support you in creating a stress-resilient lifestyle by reconnecting with yourself, others and nature. Participants will take a deep dive into each connection to better understand why disconnection occurs in the first place and to learn a variety of techniques that can be used to relieve stress and resolve separation.

3EC is more than just a training, it’s a declaration and a commitment to a new way of being. By embarking on this journey you are renouncing the message woven into our societal fabric that tell us that stress, burnout and endless doing are not only a natural part of everyday life, but also badges of honor we must don in the pursuit of success. In choosing this training, you are challenging the belief that self-care is selfish and acknowledging that a solid and healthy connection with yourself is the foundation for everything else that you do.


Our Trainings

3EC: A Comprehensive Stress Mitigation Training

In this week-long educational and interactive training, you will learn about the physiological effects of stress and the benefits of connecting to yourself, others and nature. You will experience the impact of stress mitigation techniques first-hand and explore ways to integrate such techniques into your life to reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being.

3-Day Introductory Workshop

This abbreviated 3EC experience provides an overview of our approach to stress mitigation and an introduction to each connection. If you are interested in taking the training but would like to learn more or you are simply looking for new ways to mitigate stress, the introductory workshop is a great place to begin.

Specialized Trainings

People in Recovery

People In Recovery

Healing Professionals

Healing Professionals

In the Workplace

In the Workplace

First Responders

First Responders

Trauma Survivors

trauma survivors